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  • This posting is BS. This was posted by someone who is angry at the wrong person and now lashing out at everyone else. I hope the person posting this gets psychological attention and medical help they need. So sad.

    • I have to agree with you. They fail to realize their own issues and want to blame others. They need some help.

    • If she was not having an affair, what was the need to threatened to call his wife and tell her about her and him?!?!? It should have been irrelevant at that point if he was divorcing, what would be the point of snitching on him?!?!? Basically, you knew you were having an affair with a married man, tried to give him the option of either divorcing or telling on him….Forcing a guy to continue an affair is not exactly the actions of a sane person, I say the look in the mirror is warranted for sure, but not the victim of the malicious mistress, a woman should never lash out at the spouse of the husband she’s sleeping with. Btw, audio and written messages state she knew she was doing wrong, so much that she even called the children of the man to get back to him and hurt him. She is mentally unstable and should be seeking medical help.

  • This website is a scam. They charge $1000 to remove postings. It’s blackmail and extortion. Reporting it to federal law enforcement.

  • Maybe the person that posted this needs to look in the mirror. There was evidence of legal separation and divorce paperwork. Stop blaming other people for your own insecurities and problems. This woman isn’t a homewrecker. The marriage was wrecked before she came along.

    • Sometimes couples go through problems, and sometimes their is a female who is known to date within the workplace and failrly easy that will befriend the gentleman’s when they are vulnerable, especially if the wife is neglecting the emotional needs of the husband. She becomes the mistake that will blackmail the man by threatening to tell all if he doesn’t continue seeing her. When the guy stops replying she may show up unannounced and tells him she will talk to his family, she probably is able to control the guy, majority of the time it doesn’t last, eventually he just doesn’t care anymore, she contacts the wife and tells about the cheating husband, what the mistress fails to disclose in the majority of this cases is that they access the personal date from phone numbers even address, and date of births, or marriage dates from electronic personnel files, they usually abuse their position at the workplace to retrieve important information in the desperate mode they are in. They eventually get tired of waiting for the man that never really wanted to be with them in the first place and reach out to the spouses and children. Today ppl are clever, the record all the audio and save texts emails etc just in case. These are crucial to prove the mistresses commentary on the entire thing, including the facts that the guy wanted to get back with the wife but she wouldn’t allow it. Sadly, she sometimes is the one with the mental health issues, considering she keeps going into relationships that are doomed from m the start and meaningless to the other person. The mistress often believes that she can overpower and control an outcome, but sometimes the marriage is strengthened and eyes opened and the couple survives and are happier than ever. Mistress may try to contact the ex lover without success. Any word man with slightly self respect would not blackmail a man into staying with them and force the divorce on them. This websites is interesting I feel, it seems the mistresses get angry for being put into this position of exposure, and I feel really bad for them, but nobody would ever expose something like this unles it was the truth, c’mon now, who does this? I’ve read these type of stories before, the mistresses and lovers feel upset about it, I get it, but it’s not that serious, obviously they should think about their actions while they can. You can’t put ppl in these situations and expect to control me out clean, jezzzz!!!! I hope they are able to help everyone here as they are all victims in some way or another I guess.

    • Actually I dated her for a bit; very controlling and selfish; she was not very into my children as I am a single father of two, only wanted to spend time with me and her child, including vacations, maybe be were never part of the equation when she proposed these trips! I finally started talking to another female (I guess I cheated on her) and really ended up falling in love with this other woman, thankfully my military orders came up so I didn’t have to deal with Christina much longer. I can say now that I am happy and without the stress. While I worked with n that office it was rough at times, if anyone reads this, stay away from her, do not get involved in anything, it’s never ending the relationship, she’s too controlling, deceitful, and she will never go away peacefully, she’s toxic!

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