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  • This is a mean prank trying to ruin someone’s life. These postings should be removed. Someone is upset at another person and exacting revenge in a cruel and deceitful way. Take down this post or legal action will follow.

    • I dated her for a bit; very controlling and selfish; she was not very interested in my children as I am a single father of two, only wanted to spend time with me and her child, including vacations, maybe they were never part of the equation when she proposed these trips! I finally started talking to another female (I guess I cheated on her) and really ended up falling in love with this other woman, thankfully my military orders came up so I didn’t have to deal with Christina much longer. I can say now that I am happy and without the stress. While I worked in that office with her, it was rough at times, if anyone reads this, stay away from her, do not get involved with her, it will be never ending this relationship with her, not peacefully anyways, she’s too controlling, deceitful, and she will never go away peacefully, she’s toxic!

  • If someone knows the person who posted this, please help them get the therapy or mental help they desperately need.

  • This site is an extortion scam. You can post anyone’s picture up, and they can’t take it down unless they pay $1000.00.
    This will be reported to the federal trade commission and federal law enforcement.

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