Chelsey Darlene Gilson. (Chelsey Dars) – Las Vegas, International

I hate to even take the time out of my day to post about this psycho but goodness, her lies are unbelievable. I guess if she believes them herself she feels the need to convince others too. And that’s ok  I can understand how she would feel ashamed of her actions and want to cover them up    

Chelsey, if you don’t want to be on a Homewreckers website, dont be a home wrecker. 

Chelsey knew before she physically met my husband that he was married. Admitted it herself and I have text messages to prove it. She was kind enough to send them to me. Bless her for being so thoughtful   She goes from “he called every time you left the house and we laughed at it” to “I didn’t know he was married” but the texts she sent my husband saying she was “sorry he had a connection to an old hag who made him support kids that weren’t even his” months before their precious rendezvous in Vegas proves that she knew the entire time   In fact her first message to me said “I knew about you the entire time and you didn’t even effect me” 

Chelsey only “grew” a conscience AFTER she was rejected. And felt the need to tell me. At first I was appreciative and then once I realized the level of psycho we were dealing with…. and weeks of insane fb messages and emails, well yes, then I did contact a family member. I was very concerned for her mental health. I only hope she chooses to get help for it.  I know that faking a pregnancy involves a whole new level of insanity   


After constant harrassment through email, Facebook etc   She even stooped so low as to make fake accounts and send messages to my children. That’s a whole new low. 

I have had constant threats of “you have more to lose than me”.   Not quite sure what that means but no doubt another attack. An attack on someone that has done nothing wrong  

She’s been to the trouble of trying to get info about me and told me I should have my criminal records sealed. Luckily I have always been a law abiding citizen so I don’t have  any. Other than a speeding ticket Hahha. (She claims to have an ex that is a cop. Either  this is another one of her lies or he isn’t proficient at his job)  Unlike her for several shoplifting arrests and convictions and driving without insurance and on a revoked license.  I’m beginning to see a pattern here ……

Who would you believe? The no morals trash or the innocent wife?  I didn’t ask for any of this. Her sorry ass dragged me into it. She just didn’t like being told the truth. And when someone finally stood up to her she didn’t like it and has made so many unprovoked attacks,, it is just so tiresome.



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  • My God, what a crazy bitch. She pulled the SAME pregnancy stunt on me here in Seattle 2016. Wow is all I have to say. I’m sorry to hear about your situation with her.

  • This poor sad pathetic thing is STILL sending messages. It’s been months. Any normal person would have moved on, but not this psycho. She doesn’t even have the balls to send them from her own phone, she sends them from some website that gives you a fake number to hide behind.
    She is providing us with some great entertainment though. All at her own expense. I almost feel sorry for her.

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