Charlene Morrissey – Revere, Massachusetts

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Charlene Morrissey is a desperate Home Wrecker. She pursued a man that still lived at home with his wife and toddler children. Charlene called him at least four times a day and texted him endlessly to make sure she always had his ear. Charlene Morrissey liked Facebook posts of his children while he was still living with his wife. She tried to convince him to divorce his wife and commit to her. When his wife found out, she had the nerve to play victim and threatened her with harassment orders daily to make his wife out to be the problem. She tried to convince the husband not to spend time with his wife and kids so he wouldn't be persuaded to come home to his family. When he finally realized that he didn't want her, she texted and called him constantly to try to convince him to work it out with her even though she only knew him for two months.  All of this started with a small work interaction. Beware of this home wrecker and do not let her anywhere near your husband!

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  • where is the employment address, twitter, facebook, instagram emails, photos together, home address, her phone number, text messages, tumblr, snapchat.

  • This girl is ridiculous. Harrassement orders. What about the effects of the affair she had on that wife. What about the kids that lost out on their parents being together for the time she was playing house with somebody’s husband. Maybe she should have thought about that stuff before she believed some stupid guy. She should be embarrassed to go to the police.

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