Cathy McCullough – British Columbia, Canada

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This wretched old hag… whose face resembles her own used up hollowed out vagina…. is not a home wrecker in the typical sense. This woman. Btw on marriage number 4…. has spent her adult years and children’s relationship durations single handedly ruining the marriages and relationships of her children. She comes from quite a common background…. pregnant as a teenager a high school drop out working as a maid in a hotel. Cheating on the father of her three children only to b left by him early in the marriage. She then went on welfare having the government pay for her to go to school… success story right? No. Unfortunately not… she went on to marry three more times… her quote being marry for money. When u have enough then marry for love… she raised four children most of whom have a strained relationship due to extreme child hood abuse… allowing her daughter and son to be exposed to sexual harassment…. and then sadly has never been able to relinquish control over her children. She abused her children’s spouses in the extreme. Attacking verbally online and even physically at times. While she pretends to be such a classy lady if u are unfortunate enough to come into contact with this woman know that a serpent a common Whore …. complete TRASH…. lay beneath the exterior. 


A serious hope hope for her is to have psychiatric help and possibly comittal. Some major plastic surgery tummy skin tuck and vaginal reconstruction …. and maybe a personality/normal brain transplant. 

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