Category: Vermont

Tiffany Ford – Milton, Vermont

She has now had two babies from two different fathers and walked away from both families exactly six months after giving birth to both of them. She is homeless yet still has full custody of both kids while both fathers own houses. She has stolen the medical disability money from the 2nd father which he got from being a med retired Marine who was injured in combat. She has 2 kids, one is year old baby girl…

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Sarah Dexter – Hinesburg, Vermont

Sarah knowingly has been with Steve who had a long term gf when they  met.  For years she was his side piece and now after calling the cops on him for a domestic that wasn't real, holds the charge over his head everytime he tries to leave, threatening him with a record.  She's ugly as sin and knowingly keeps him from contacting his son.  She's scum.

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