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Sasha Alyce Knight West/Dover – Blacksburg, South Carolina

This stupid bitch named Sasha got pregnant by my man back in 2012 while he and I were still in a serious relationship. So anyways now she has his kid and is married suppossdly, but i will find her one day and send her to the ER. She has a facebook page and you can tell just by lookin at her shes a fuckin slut. I hope she gets brain cancer and dies in the worse pain possible in this life for what she has done. 

Andrew Johnson – Hilton Head, South Carolina

Andrew Johnson who works as a salesman for Hupp Aerospace likes to fuck married women.  He met my wife at the beach and talked her into meeting him for secret overnight hotel rendezvous at the Beach  and in Fayetteville NC. I was suspicious and caught her with GPS technology after it had gone on for some time.  I wanted to go see him but he lives so far away. I called him but he would not answer. He did eventually reply to my texting and denied it. So basically…

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Ronda Marie Lowrimore – Marion, South Carolina

This cougar is Ronda Marie Lowrimore from Marion/Mullins South Carolina. This whore will con her way into your life and relationships by any means necessary. She was with my best friends man and turned it around to make herself look like the victim. This cougar is a real nut case. Her and her significant other loves to play games and cheat on each other and when she catches him she uploads pictures of the women on social media. She will do anything for money sex and drugs. Ladies…

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Jen the Lizard – Columbia, South Carolina

NASCAR PIT LIZARD. Most often associated with Stewart Haas pit members. But she’s always looking for new connections. I was informed she has a large nasty mole on her face and one eye that’s much larger than the other & isn’t aging gracefully to say the least. The guys poke fun at her behind her back.  Most of the guys she takes pictures with or tries to connect with are married. She’s a home wrecker with a sick infatuation with NASCAR. Already claimed 3 victims. 

Felicia Bracero Rodriguez – Columbia, South Carolina

I feel like Felicia makes it her life's mission to destroy marriages. She herself is married but claims she divorced her husband because he was unfaithful. In reality, he found out she had been sleeping with SEVERAL men at her job. A co-worker with a Long time girlfriend, an IT specialist with a wife and 2 year old twins at home. AND the most recent, her supervisor at work that has been married for 20+ years with 2 children. Expose this homewrecker 

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