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Luis Gaona AkA Tony Gaona – Belgrade, Montana

Hes a liar, user, and a cheater.  His whole life is a lie. He has cheated on every woman he has dated.  Dont fall for his lies. He will promise everything and treat you and every other woman he is dating like a princess until he is exposed.  Then he will toss you to the curb. Save yourself the heartache and pain. Hes not worth it!

Rachel Patrick McMorris – Billings, Montana

This is Rachel Patrick McMorris aka Rachel Kominski. She got herself in a situation where she was lied to. At first I had no hatred toward her. I discovered the affair by looking at my phone records. My marriage was not in the best place because I had multiple health issues going on. I had been through 3 surgeries in 90 days in 2013. On July 13, 2014 I discovered the affair.  I went to my husband…

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