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Hector Velez – Waukegan, Illinois

Hector the man in this photo works at a local business and is a complete womanizer not caring about his wife and kids at home and not caring about the families and marriages he's wrecking with the multiple women he's pursuing . Ladies beware this smooth talker will take advantage of you and leave with with a friend penicillin won't even clear up. 

Torrie Montoya – Streator, Illinois

This woman becomes "friends" with men she works with on the pipeline and then slowly causes problems in the married mans life by putting it their heads their wife is crazy or they don't need them. Then once the wife finds out she threatens the wife and the husbands job and acts like she's innocent! She even went after a recent widowed man by having him move in because he couldn't handle living in the house where his wife passed and threw herself at him over and over again…

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