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Jade Prickett Harbin – Perry, Georgia

This woman was caught cheating on her husband with a black man at the Executive Inn in Perry, Ga. She is a terrible human being that solicits her clients for prostitution (she is a partner at Baxter & Harbin, LLC, an accounting practice). She is such a sexual deviant that she once reportedly boasted about allowing her dog to fuck her in her pussy & ass. She videotaped this hideous incident.

Blake Roberts – Warner Robins, Georgia

This man cheats on his wife, Diana Rice Roberts of Baxter & Harbin LLC in Perry, with his sister's friends & has been cheating on her for years. Of course this woman, Diana Rice Roberts, is sexually perverted already after having been filmed having sex with her adopted dog, Ripley, so she more than likely accepts this treatment of her husband's infidelity. Blake is also bisexual just to let you know. He has only informed several people…

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