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elijah thomas – Ballarat, Australia

Elijah Thomas, Father of Theodore thomas (baby) and Former Boyfriend of Amelia Martin-Block, Elijah has been abuse towards amelia all throughout their relationship, before they were aware of having a baby elijah would push and shove and punch amelia, a few weeks after theodore was born the violence began again. he was so voilent to a degree that amelia felt that it was her fault and that if he left he would take the baby. eljah has…

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Anastasia parastatidis – Toowoomba, qld, Australia

She prays on men who are weak and trying to sort out their lives. She doesn't care that she is ruining a family and children's lives. She has no remorse and only thinks about her own selfish needs. She tries to integrate herself in families and calls your partners family mum and dad and granddad and grandma and tries to get her children to call your partner dad. She should be ashamed as a mother… beware!!!

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