Carla Ann Pacino – Cleveland, Ohio, Ohio

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Former fat ass Carla Ann Pacino and her loose pussy strike again! This whore and her tranny loving boyfriend are in the business of spreading lies and ruining reputations due to their own unhappiness. Justin cheated on Carla all throughout their relationship with numerous women, and then lied about to poor Carla. At first, one would feel bad for her, but Carla being the mentally ill psycho cunt that she is joined in the numerous threesomes and tranny fucking her boyfriend indulged in so she wouldn’t lose him. How insecure is this girl?! Your man cheated on you because your catfish smelling  pussy wasn’t good enough. A confident woman would have walked away, but not Carla. She is unhappy, ugly, and and according to Justin a raging alcoholic. She will do anything to please her gay boyfriend. So be careful people, If you see Justin, run, he is a pig and nothing but trouble. However, if you get caught in his web of lies like idiot Carla, run for your life. She will TRY to destroy you, but the real loser is her. 

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  • Tiarra Anise Hawkins,

    Once again thank you for attempting to slander my reputation via the internet. I now know for a fact that writing all these lies had to get boring and be hard for you. I’m over it on the 3rd post.
    Anyways short and sweet please see my response at
    (If there isn’t a link copy and paste into browser) I do promise it is a good long read with a wonderful fact- yup that’s right actual factual information at the end. Enjoy 🙂

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