Caitlyn Baldwin – Summerville, South Carolina

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This homewrecker disguises herself as a middle school theater teacher and a Christian Bible study leader. In truth, she sleeps with married men while their wives are at home caring for their small children.  She sends disgusting sexually explicit text messages to the husband while he is in bed with his wife. She fools herself into believing that he loves her. She is devastated when he breaks off the relationship having been convicted of his sins and realizing how much he loves his wife and family. This homewrecker tries to cling  to the man, sending pitiful text messages about how lonely she is and how much she misses him. She selfishly cares more about her self than anyone else in the world.  Years later, when the wife finally confronts her about what happened in the past, this homewrecker has the audacity to give biblical advice to the wife on how to forgive. 

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