Cait (Meow) Hedges – Rockland, Massachusetts

Cait was particulary dirty and manipulative in this affair with my fiance'.  It was hidden so sneakily that I never even found out until much later.  She thought she was so sly about being with my finace' behind my back – while standing a foot in front of me – with what I know now is an uneasy concience.  Her affair with my fiance' has put extreme hardship on our family for a tryst of cuddling and cooing over whose impending spouse was more unfair. 

Shame on her for having no concern for breaking up devoted families.  Watch your back with this one.  Her manipulation techniques are outstanding.  She fools everyone around her.  Justice is if she was called out for her behavior and made accountable with an explanation and an apology, but she is much too shallow and self important to consider her part.  It's been disgusting for me watching this affair unfold. This dirty behavior is something every woman she be warned about.  Watch your family as I should have watched mine from this repulsive and filthy whore.


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