Brittney nicole blankenship – Brenton, West Virginia

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Brittney is a 24 year old slut sleeping with a 59 year old married man. She looks for $$$. She lurks around coal mines looking for anyone that will have her. She has been seeing a man 35 years older than her since she was 19. He is married and the wife has no clue. She had a baby 4 years ago that he is the father of and is pregnant again with someones baby. Why would you want to have kids with a man who is going to not be around? She didn't know he was married at first but has known for a while and doesn't care. You need to find someone your own age this is. Leave this married man alone.  Im sure you have nothing in common with him other than his money. Get a husband of your own and quit messing with other womens. Time to grow up!

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