Brittany Nicole Stark – Fort Dodge, Iowa

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This nasty yeast infection 1 billion cocks having with busted pussy hoe likes to fuck married men for 5 years and do cocaine with them, she has 5 kids by different daddies and she's only 24, this bitch even has bastard kids with married men, I hope this crooked nose witch looking junkie bitch chokes of a hairy cock.

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  • Precious Bartlett-Strong

    My name is Precious Bartlett-Strong and I’m asking that these post please be taken down about Brittany and her children. Ezell is my husband, we are currently separated and I don’t want anyone harmed or involved with our messy divorce. I don’t want anyone’s children involved most of all.

  • Kassandra Clark not really Jackie what the definition of defamation again that you copy and paste from the internet cause you only have an elementary school education keep making up shit as you go and committing welfare fraud worry about that stranger and druggie that your pregnant by and have around your kids and keep trying until you produce a male heir to the crackhead throne bitch

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