brenna pacza – westland, Michigan

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this little slut slept with my fiance and father of my three kids after she gave her number to him at a bar she works at (kickers all star bar and grill) she knew about me and our three kids but she didnt care she was destroying three little kids lives! she took him home to live while hes working there with her 3 yr old daughter. i dont know about yall but i wouldnt take a guy home i dont know from a bar and let him live with me and my kids thats a pretty fucked up parent! ive messaged her being a bitch and ive messaged her trying to be civil but she doesnt care shes a 24 yr old little slut with nothing on her mind but the next dick thats gonna come alont apparently so keep an eye on your men bc this little whore doesnt care if they are taken or not!

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