Bonnie Bly aka Christi Burton – Malone, Florida

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This woman has been trying to breakup my friend and his wife for over 2 years now. She loves men who are already in relationships, including in her own family, No man is off limited. She got pregnant by a young thug that went to prison, she then played the helpless and needing so much help game. Got my friend to sleep with her and let him think he was the father hoping he would leave his wife. My friend and his wife  are still together. (33years) and up on her game…..they help out with the baby even when this trashes has her many stays in and out of drug /alcohol rehab which is a waste and jail. During the last rehab my friend and his wife had a DNA test done and now know he is not the father. So beware she is on the prowl for another married man or one in a relationship trying to find someone to take care of her.

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