Beatrice Renee Vaughn – Plainwell, Michigan

This whore likes everyone to think she is a "goody, goody".  She is a straight up whore.  She broke up the engagement that her husband had with another woman by sneaking over to his house after his fiancee left for work in the am.  She married him and continued to screw around on him.  Recently, she got caught screwing another married man. She is now divorced and still trys to get in bed with married men.   She works at Otsego Public Schools and lives at 361 13th Street in Plainwell.  Her phone number is 269-350-0479.  She drives a maroon lumina, license plate # DKN 0195.  She shops at Meijer in Plainwell.  She also has a cottage on Pine Lake in Doster Michigan.  Her ex husband is Kevin Vaughn and her two adult kids are James Vaughn and Shelby Vaughn.

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