Asli and Matt Daniels – Herndon, Virginia

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This woman Asli Daniels has no problem throwing herself at a married man with two children. His morals are equal so he slept with this thing! She’s a self centered adulterous Turkish immigrant. She has the audacity to come into our country and tear a family to pieces! She is so self absorbed she thinks she’s entitled to whatever she wants and will do whatever she wants to get it that includes not only adultery but possibly fraud! She shattered a family apart and devastated two beautiful innocent children but she didn’t stop there. She Divorced her husband and married this other poor excuse of fat alcoholic gap toothed piece of crap that lives across the country. They live apart because believe it or not, these two pieces of shit serve in our military. That is how they met. This Army officer was deployed and was part of intelligence in Operation forward Yemen. She was married at the time and according to him she was in charge of government contracts. She only thinks of herself and getting what she wants by any means necessary. Having an affair while deployed with a married father that had a pregnant wife is pretty low. What a pig! I just offended pigs! I think I’ll vomit now. They both are gross and deserve every paranoid day they spend together in their marriage that started on lies and cheating!! Here’s their latest picture.

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