Ashlee Whitley – Streetsboro, Ohio

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This disgusting excuse for a human being worked with my fiancé and thought she could have him for herself. She is s terrible mother to her child and a drug addict. She will sleep with just about anyone..This piece of white trash tried to split up my family. Hope Karma gets her ass before I do..

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  • considering he was all over her while she was at work. And continuously kept holding her hand. And even went as far as driving to her house constantly wanting to have sex. You wanna put the blame all on her when your “man” wanted her and he didn’t quit till he got her! He told her y’all wernt together no more. Said you were broken up. She got the wrong information. He lied to her. Better check Ya man to before putting all shit shit on her. And no she is not a drug addict. She smokes weed. If that makes her a drug addict then guess Ya man is to! And her child is very well taken care of. How dare you bring him up. Sincerely a family friend who seen Ya man begging my girl for sex and begin her to be with him. Check and make sure all Ya rings are where they should be! Because he even went as far and driving one to her house to show her he “loved” her.

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