Anthony Michael Caruvana – Cape Canerval, Florida

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Follow up to post his last mugshot he looks very different now he grew a beard and he wears the dead man's clothes he actually looks like a Q-tip and the woman in the pictures before that's me his wife

  I hope you connect to each other but it's Anthony caruvana I'm his wife Stacy caruvana he's a piece of s*** belongs in jail his cell phone is 321-210-9294 and his work phone number is 321-1867 8 six I've got to look it up but I'll definitely put it on here call him tell him I'm a piece of crap he is cheating son of a b**** and Don McFarland Piazza I'm going to find pictures of her and Barbara Taggart and Sarah Conklin I believe it was and he's got a Mary Estrada he's got them all there's been a Carol that was his first wife he chases them all there is Tammy Brown there is a Gina perrelli again nothing he won't do

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