Andrea Vancleave – Warsaw, Indiana

Andrea Vancleave is a homewrecking whore! She has destroyed many relationships & marriages! She's nothing but a drunk & a tramp! She takes & takes from married men. Lures them in, sleeps with them to get what she wants. 2 bit whore she is. Works at a Bar in a bowling alley in Warsaw. She has a son that she drags into her torrid affairs as well. She is despised by many men & women! Stupid guys keep falling for her innocent act. She is the lowest of the low! She doesn't care either. She's the worst type of homewrecking whore. There are so many stories about her I could get into on here, but that would take all day & I would run out of room. She makes me sick. I don't hate anyone, but she's close! Don't trust  her! Men stay away from her! She will lure you into her web! Sad thing is, guys keep going back for more! She even got a car froma  married guy. Continues to sleep with him & others! I don't have any pics, but she has dark hair, nothing special to look at. If you know what's good for you, stay away from Andrea!! 

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