Amber Rust – Danville and surrounding area, Virginia

This dirty slut is Amber Rose Rust, Jimmy Rust’s daughter! Can’t stand anything about this whore such a good man like him managed to produce. Running around with married men and men in relationships breaking up homes without a care and exposing them to diseases. News around Dry Fork, Va is she’s done messed around and picked up HIV from screwing around so much and not using condoms with men she knows absolutely nothing about. I see now why the family wants nothing to do with this nasty Satan loving slut. Keep your aids and slutty business where it’s at! I feel sorry for Loretta to have to live with such a nasty girl in her house. 

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  • Daaaaaayum! That’s Bunny Von Black on Facebook!!! I know she likes to show her body and shit online but didn’t know she was that big a hoe LoL She wonders why she’s heartbroken and feels like no one loves her. Yea she cute with the makeup on but her posts show just how fucked up she is in the head and thinks it makes her cool and unique. Fuck that!! Just a headache with mental issues and a shitload of miles on it. PASS!!!!!!!!!

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