Amber Mackenzie Gripp – Northglenn, Colorado

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My fiance and I got engaged in December, but in March he wanted a break, which he even said was not a reason to sleep with someone else, but apparently that was a lie. He said this whore Amber was just a friend, but when I saw photos of them on her Facebook, I confronted him. He apologized and said he was only using her since I wasn't around. He said that he only had sex with her because she begged him and she got mad when he told her no. His exact words were, "her pussy stinks and I'm not even attracted to her." This bitch had the nerve to have her friend blow my phone up to call me the homewrecker, and she posted on her Facebook that he left her for his "nasty ex," when really, she's the nasty homewrecker who apparently may have hygiene issues with her "stinky pussy." Too bad she can't use her Snapchat filters in real life because she's the ugliest troll of a homewrecker that I could imagine. Unfortunately, I just came home to her here, again, and this why it should be made known that this conniving whore can't be trusted.

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  • My fiance realized what we had and fixed our relationship. We’ve been happy together since. He also realized what a who Amber really is. When we were still fighting, she took a trip to Washington with his sister where she spread her legs to anyone willing to do her stinky pussy. Unfortunately this nasty whore Amber is still causing problems. First, she started a rumor that I slept with several men who I’ve never even been around and therefore proven wrong. Furthermore, she continues to stalk my social media accounts to stick her ugly nose in our business, why? Who knows, because supposedly she has another, or a few, boyfriend(s).

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