Alissa Rines – Thompson, Connecticut

Alissa here is so very desperate that she feels the need to persue a married man. Her utter loneliness compelled her to break up a happy family to fulfill her own selfish needs, her overweight figure and blotchy skin is probably what fuels her desperation…beware of Alissa ladies she’s a man eater

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  • It’s so sad that desperate people resort to blaming innocent bystanders for their failing marriages. If you kept your husband happy, did household chores and cooked for your family, maybe your husband wouldn’t resort to finding women companionship at work to complain to for the comfort he is missing at home. We all have our own relationships, families and friends without a desperate sap like you trying to paint fake images of beautiful women that have great careers and communicate well with co-workers on a daily basis. Your going to say I am overweight with a blochy complexion because your husband is trying to make me look like an ugly desperate person just so you believe him and get off his back. Well, I’ve gro news for you, I do not have either. I also have a busy lifestyle with many great friends. Unlike you. You have to get your facts strait. We are in the adult world now and people of the opposite sex can be feiends

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