Alicia Gurrola – Mesa, Arizona

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This jerk is 25 now… she is in my opinion… just a whore… she glommed onto my husband of 13 years because she's a lazy pos who would rather get a married man to spend his salary on her with the promise of sex(maybe) in exchange for shopping…casinos… drugs… etc… my husband is twice her age… and abandoned me our 8 y o son…as well as HIS bio kids from a prior relationship…that had no one but me when he left… their mother had died… I realize he is also to blame…but this pos… she knew the circumstances and didn't care… just as long as she didn't have to actually get a job and pay for her own crap… when my husband just dissapeared…totally out of character… I reported him a missing person… me and the kids thought he was dead… he surfaced a week or so later …when he got pulled over with this tramp and drugs in the car… he went to jail… she glommed onto the next dude twice her age and got knocked up… 2 yrs later my husband gets out and not only did he show up on Christmas after no contact for almost 3years he talked our son into opening the door… that sweet boy has prayed to God nightly that the Lord would bring his daddy back… I had had to move on with no closure and no goodbye… and the humiliation of being abandoned for a pos half my age… having to scramble to make bills etc after being a stay home mom for his kids too… with a few tatoos!… one of this pos initials on his hand… my life since that day has been an exercise in ptsd hell… so this is how I get even… mugshots are worth a 1000 words at least!

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