Alexandra Morris – Las Vegas, Nevada

This woman works for her father and flirts with all the techs, which 90% happen to be attached. This is how she met my BF, by wearing skanky dresses and inviting them over to her dad's house… since she can't do anything without her daddy's help, except sleep with men who are attached. I caught them texting each other and I called her and spoke to her as a woman and let her know I was pregnant and my bf and I had never broke up and were still together, and that we lived together and I was PREGNANT. She said she would leave him alone, alas the next night she screwed him at her daddy's house. It didn't stop there, I caught them at his mom's house effing. She sent me a text saying how "effed up" what she had just done was and that she would stop talking to MY BF. It hasn't stopped, she can't stop texting him and has even went as far to send him a photo of her nasty tuna box.

I hear she flirts with the other technicians also, and they have wives and girlfriends. Her father owns an air conditioning shop that services major casinos. She doesn't understand boundaries and doesn't care if a guy is attached, especially when they have a pregnant gf. Help me expose this nasty, cum dumpster. She can't go around screwing men who have significant others!

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