Adam Garrett – Willisville, Arkansas

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Sociopathic pervert and homewrecker(guy on the right). He tried to pull my wife into a relationship with him and when she constantly refused him he manipulated her to stay in the bedroom with lies and guilt. I invited him over many times and attempted to be his friend but he didn't care about that at all. He was only after one thing and that was to get laid. He told my wife that in other countries the legal age is 17 and he thinks thats okay and would have sex with a 17 year old if the opportunity arose. He is a borderline pedophile and watches anime porn where every girl looks like a 13 year old. All he wants is the next best new way to experience sex. He told my wife (fiance then) after I proposed to her that the fact she was someone elses property would make the intimacy "hotter". This guy has huge mental problems other than sexual addiction and perversion. If you are a woman with any self respect don't even give this guy the time of day. He is good at lying and manipulating and he gets off on it. Even though he is an older brother he has no morals and sets a horrible example about what it means to be a man in this world. He had no remorse for what he did – he said so himself. He is currently 27 and has never lived without his parents supporting him. Literally just a grown child.

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