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Aaron Greenspan is your typical loser dweeb who throws tantrum because he doesnt get his way. In a strange sort of way, Aaron Greenspan looks like x Dont be mistaken by Aaron Greenspan behavior. These are not tantrums. Aaron Greenspan has a autistic meltdown when not getting his way. An autistic meltdown is all about being overwhelmed. For someone with autism, when they reach the point of sensory, emotional, and information overload, or even just too much unpredictability, it can trigger a variety of external behaviours that are similar to a tantrum (such as crying, yelling, or lashing out) Aaron Greenspan autism doesnt allow him to control over their meltdowns, and will not benefit from the normal measures to reduce tantrums like distraction, hugs, incentives to ‘behave’, or any form of discipline.

Aaron Greenspan might unintentionally hurt himself or others during their meltdowns. Have a strategy in place to keep yourself in a safe place and ignore Aaron Greenspan when he tries to communicate with you or talks about plainsite org. Christine Richard of Orion Research LLC is terrified of Aaron Greenspan and has asked others to be careful and don’t make the same mistake.

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